I Really Like You

by Gary Schwartz

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The latest release by Gary Schwartz, "I Really Like You," really rocks! - extreme fun from the get-go. The song is quirky/ funny a la his 2011 release "What's So Special About Christmas?"

“IRLY” started out as a song about people with disabilities… Acceptance & Empowerment! However, as the tune evolved, the focus became more about people… all people. The message is very simple... while we're all quite unique, “I’m No Different than you… You’re No Different than Me!

Gary is the former drummer for The United States of Existence and the Jigsaw Seen. He is joined once again by his long-time musical collaborator and producer Mark O'Keefe. This duo continues to release music that is, to be perfectly frank - really, really good!

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Contact Information:
PO Box 1375
Ventura, CA 93002




I really like you yes I really like you I really like you yes I really like you I like you I really do

You were standing so close out of my peripheral view
Coming on so strong it's that stalker in you...isn't it ?
Playing hide and seek with yourself it's not the weirdest thing we do
I really like you I really do

Repeat chorus

Yeah Yeah I like you I do

My insignificance leaves no impression on you
I feel like a DJ without a cue
They say we're special various and sundries
I'm no different than you
You're no different than me

I really like you I really do

nah nah nah nah nah nah nah...


You smoke a hookah but you call it a honkah
They say were not able like we're an anomaly
We stand strong yeah we stand strong
We've been through circles were now breaking boundaries
I'm no different than you you're no different than me




released July 1, 2014
all music and lyrics written by Gary Schwartz © 2014 Gary Schwartz - All Rights Reserved
Gary Schwartz – All vocals with the exception of “C’MON” by Who Dat Girl?
All Sounds by Gary Schwartz & Mark O’Keefe
engineered and produced by Mark O'Keefe
art work – Peter Dubose © Peter Dubose - Used by Permission
photograph – Alicia Gomez
artistic design – Mark O’Keefe



all rights reserved


Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz -Former drummer of "The United States of Existence" and "The Jigsaw Seen".

Listen to what people are saying about the new single "What's So Special About Christmas?" available now.

“What’s so great about-------your song!!!!?I love it! So twisted - yet pop. Great hook!" David Stutzer

"Sarcasm wrapped in melodic bow! Yay!" Nikki Bryant

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